Welcome message from Finance

Office of Finance and Economic Affairs (Finance office) of the University focuses on the budgeting, accounting, debt payment, financial reporting, procurement, and other financial management functions at IUS. The office ensure to provide support to the University units, students, partners, stakeholders and other interested parties. The office aims to provide accurate, reliable, relevant and timely financial information and to ensure complete and accurate accounting of all activities, processes and transactions, and to report all financial information in accordance with state, cantonal and International financial and business laws.

 The Finance Division's aims are:

  • to ensure compliance with state and international accounting standards including all University requirements and regulations of financial matters
  • to provide financial information to Senate, Rectorate and other bodies to enable informed well grounded decisions,
  • to continue provide standards of good practice in accounting, reporting, financial planning, purchasing and other services for which is responsible
  • to use effectively and efficient IUS financial resources
  • to give advices and support to its employees, students and departments

The Finance office facing fast growth. It recognizes all needs and apply the most appropriate finance methods, technology and tools offering support day to day processes and activities delivered in a straightforward and flexible way at IUS.